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Universal Model Converter (UMC)


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Data d'iscrizione : 2015-09-27
Età : 27

Re: Universal Model Converter (UMC)

Post by Tcll on Sun Sep 27, 2015 6:35 am

glad to see my work getting spread around Smile

feel free to download that version (dev45), but just note, it sucks Wink
(btw, just so you all know, that link is my 4shared link, not his, so it's not forwarded or anything)
not sure why it goes through adf.ly though... >.>

in any case, like I said, dev45 sucks.
I'm currently working on dev5, which is a major update:

but beware, looks are very deceiving...

overall though most models import fine:

but I don't have a decent exporter yet...
all I have is a cruddy OBJ exporter I'd ported from earlier versions of UMC,
and a hacky image exporter:

also be aware, there's alot of stuff that's still being looked into...

I'm currently stuck in a hole with development and my autism won't let me concentrate on UMC until I finish SIDE to fix my MDL0 script.
SIDE is a visually interactive IDE for writing and testing UMC scripts:

I'm currently stuck here trying to re-write SIDE's syntax highlighter under a better RegExp engine.
afterwards I get to have fun figuring out ASTs to implement intellisense.

So now that you know roughly everything that's going on, I am providing an updated download of my repo:

do note though that any edits I make are actively updated on the repo, so your download may not always work from time to time.
just wait a minute and try again later, it will eventually be fixed. Wink

again, it's a repo (for development) not a release Wink

enjoy Smile

btw, for UMC-script developers who'd like to extend it's model support, I've got some WIP documentation here: (not much to look at currently)
^ these functions apply to version 3.0a (dev5) and the future development version 3.0

note: the difference between 3.0a and 3.0 is:
3.0 has a modern GLSL viewer with a hierarchical backend using classes and automates data conversion.
3.0a just has an outdated GL-pipeline viewer with a nested list() structured backend. (yes, it's horrid, but it works)

so since 3.0a has much more progress done on it, I'm working on getting it released so I can work on 3.0 while people work on extended format support.
UMC-libs though are the only issue due to backend-incompatibilities, so you'll need to port those to 3.0 if you work on any.

Last edited by Tcll on Sun Sep 27, 2015 4:38 pm; edited 6 times in total

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