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MKW Code Generator v.17 - Download

Lecce Kart Wii

Male Messaggi : 774
Data d'iscrizione : 2012-03-11
Età : 97

MKW Code Generator v.17 - Download

Post by Lecce Kart Wii on Tue Aug 30, 2016 6:11 am

(this if you no see comand in mkw code generator)

Step 1:
Scarica il programma dal sito , dopo installalo!
Se non ti fà vedere alcuni comandi oppure i pulsanti che crei per attivare etc. hai bisogno del framework
tu puoi scaricare il framework da windows se vuoi, oppure scaricare la crack con framework 
e mettere in C:/Computer++/mkw code generator
copia tutto e incolla sostituisci anche, hai anche le ram dump di tutte le regioni mkw

v.17 note:
Oh, and thanks to Revmage, the new Auto-Porter ports pointers as well.

If you are like me, you've been fed up with ocarina's codemgr.exe. Well, maybe you should try this ULTIMATE replacement for Ocarina. It is a code manager, but with many more features that will help you make codes much easier. The premise is that there is a codes database with a WHOLE LOT of codes. You can add these codes into the list by a simple click. I have noticed that sometimes, with codes with XX values, etc, that I will save the codes with the XX replaced. If I want to change the XX, I don't know where it is. That is one big improvement that this program makes on Ocarina. And there are extra features too. Here's what you can do with this generator:

Make Button Activators
Generate your own Item Wheel Hacks
Create Drop Item Combos
Generate VR or BR modifiers
Convert from and to floating points, hexadecimal, and decimal
Port codes from region to region - including pointers!
Limited code making capabilities
Make deactivators for codes
Make code switches (button activated)
Change the controller in button activators
Tool to help you change your Authdata
Simple Hex Editor
Over 200 pre-loaded codes
Placeholder Editor to remove the XX and YY from codes.
Disassemble RAM dumps, codes, and plain ASM
Assemble these to help make codes
Search for a code within a code library
Scan your code list for errors and get tips to remove them

Maybe coming in v.18:
New USB Gecko Interface (was delayed due to bug)

System Requirements:
Operating System (you can have any of these):
Windows XP Service Pack 2 or 3
Windows Vista
Windows 7

Other requirements:
Internet Connection
Microsoft .NET Framework (if you don't, you can install it using this program)

Have fun!

Step 2:
Tutorial in progress

Coder: Hamster35000vr for Computer++
Porting Tutorial: Ty (Revmage448)
C# Gecko Handler: link
RAM Dumps: Volderbeek and TryNkillMe
DASM Idea: krackers
All-Purpose Calculator Idea: 35000vr
Those Pictures you see: 35000vr


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