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Ported useful codes to NTSC-K by Evil Vance

Davide Sante

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Ported useful codes to NTSC-K by Evil Vance

Post by Davide Sante on Wed Dec 21, 2016 8:27 pm

I ported useful codes to NTSC-K for you. All of them are untested but i'm sure that the most will work. All the following codes are ported by Evil Vance.

Ultimate Total invincibility [NTSC-K Davidevgen]
005556B7 00000001

*Ported by Evil Vance

Stop go Items [NTSC-K JAEremix10]
0478D870 60000000

*Ported by Evil Vance

Instant Respwan 2.1 [NTSC-K Davidevgen]
04561E80 3800FFC3
04567C83 3803FFFF
048A4030 40000000

*Ported by Evil Vance

No Countdown 4.0 [NTSC-K Mdmwii]
04521508 38000002
04521568 2C000003

*Ported by Evil Vance

Infinite Laps 2.0 [NTSC-K Davidevgen]
0452308C 2C000001

*Ported by Evil Vance

Infinite Laps 3.0 [NTSC-K Evil Vance]
04522F57 2C1C0000

*Ported by me Razz

Instant Miniturbo [NTSC-K Mdmwii]
048A4138 00000000
048A413C 00000000
0487F228 00001000
048A3FB0 00001000

*Ported by Evil Vance

High powered Item limiters [NTSC-K Evil Vance] *ONLINE* *UNTESTED*
0477F52C 3800001F
0477F4E4 3800001F
0477F4E0 3800001F
0477F4DC 3800001F
0477F4EC 3800001F
0425A1BD 0000001D
0424777E 00000010

No Countdown 5.0 [NTSC-K AR]
04520D20 2C000000
04595480 3803000F

*Ported by Evil Vance

Bullet Bill Speed modifier [NTSC-K Evil Vance]

XXXXXXXX = Speed values
30000000 = 0 km/h
43110000 = Normal Speed (145 km/h)
43960000 = 300 km/h
442F0000 = 700 km/h
44B00000 = 1600 km/h

Disabled Boundarys [NTSC-K ???]
0487FB64 40200000

*Ported by Evil Vance


Invisibean 2.0 [NTSC-K MrBean35000vr]
0454B61C 3800FFFF
C257ABD4 00000004
48000011 7F800000
7F800000 7F800000
7C66E2BE C0030000
60000000 00000000
CC000000 00000000
0454B61C 38000001
0457ABD4 C0030000
E0000000 80008000

*Ported by Evil Vance

Turbo-Buttons (Rapid fire) [NTSC-K Hamster35000vr] Wiimote + Nunchuck
C2197CBC 00000007
39802000 7C176164
7C008D8C 40820010
837F0000 7F664398
7C003A78 901F0000
39800000 3AE00000
38E00000 3B600000
60000000 00000000

*Keep the Z button pressed to throw items fast
*Ported by Evil Vance

Faster reverse Speed [NTSC-K ???]

XXXXXXXX = Speed values
C1A00000 = Normal Speed
C3F00000 = 100 km/h

Hope this helped Smile
You see that not every code is made by me.

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